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Volunteer Opportunities

Coat Check

Bar & Concession


Artist Merchandise Sales


Sign Up  

Sign up as a volunteer: here


Volunteer at the Theatre


What do I wear to volunteer?

Black pants and white shirt. (You can also wear a black vest if you want.)


How long is a volunteer shift?

Your volunteer shift is typically 3 hrs.


Will I receive any training?

On your first shift, our Front-of-House Supervisor on duty will give you a short orientation.You will be paired with an experienced volunteer.


What are the duties of a volunteer?

You can review duties and other information in our Volunteer Handbook: here


How do I find out about dates and times to volunteer?

After you sign up (link above), Bernice, who is our Volunteer Coordinator, will email you a list of dates once per month. After reviewing the list of dates and times, you can contact Bernice via email or phone to work a shift. Available volunteer shifts are also posted: here


Benefits of Volunteering 

According to the Public Health Agency of Canada, "The Voluntary Sector is an important contributor to the well-being of families, communities, and individuals across the country."


There are many indirect benefits for those who contribute time and energy through volunteering. It is a great way to make new friends, to develop new skills and abilities, attain valuable employment experience, and to broaden one's perspective.


Volunteers may request 2 complimentary tickets once they have volunteered for 15 events. There are only 4 tickets available per event. First come, first serve. Tickets requests must be submitted to Bernice or Sheila.


Your Impact

Our team of 60 volunteers work over 2,350 hours each year to assist at our events with the running of the coat check, bar and concession, artist merchandise sales, and working as ushers. We cannot host events without volunteers!


Our 2014 Volunteer Recognition Events

Apr 7 (National Volunteer Week) (Board organizes)

Jun 17 (BBQ)

Sep 9 (Season Launch)


Quotes from our Wonderful Volunteers

Shirley Aston

I volunteer at the Vic Juba Community Theatre for many reasons. Here are a few:
1. I love theatre, especially local theatre. This venue has given many locals a chance to participate.
2. For the theatre to be viable it must have volunteers. As long as I am able I will continue.
3. I am able to watch part of a program when I am ushering. This is often a program that I would not have attended otherwise. I feel that I have an appreciation  for music and dance forms that I would not have otherwise.
4. I see and visit people I don't often see at other locations.
5. I meet many very nice people.
6. Appreciation is shown to the volunteers by the Staff, Board, and many of the patrons.

Wendy Collins

"Service is the rent we pay for our room on Earth" Lord Halifax.

Herb & Leone Duczek

We feel this is our way of supporting the theatre.
We like that we can choose the date and times when we can help.
We have met and worked with so many good people.
We like that while working we get to enjoy the talents of those from afar and our local talents.


Bernice in the Box Office is our Volunteer Coordinator. Give her a call at 780-872-700 if you have any questions about volunteering at Vic Juba Community Theatre.

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