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How Would Your Donation Be Used?

  • Your donation would assist us in bringing performing artists to our community 
  • Funds may be allocated to capital expenditures and ensure the patrons of our region have a quality performing arts venue


Our Impact

One story that shows the impact of our organization is that of a young man who as a youth danced on our stage and then as a teen went on to help organize competition in the local Ukrainian Dance Festival held at our venue. Today he is a teacher in our community and now watches his students perform on our stage. Our impact in our community is truly full circle.   


What People Say About Us

“This is the only place my husband brings me on dates" - Barb Hawken

"Theatre is nourishment for the soul as food and water is for the body." - Laurie Harris

"Love the great sound" - Cosette Green

"It is a great treat to see live productions in this day of Youtube and Brittany Spears!" - Anonymous

"Before the opening of Vic Juba Community Theatre, we attended way too many concerts in a school gymnasium or other local venue with bad sightlines and hard chairs -- usually sitting in front of a loud speaker.  Let's continue to allow the performing arts to thrive in our community."  - Gwen Mottram


A Story We Love to Share 

A mother brought in her sick six year-old son to Emergency at the Lloydminster Hospital. As is normal in a very busy department, the wait was fairly lengthy. Patience had run out for the young boy so he turned to his mother and said "can we go home now?" "Not until you have seen the Doctor" she replied. This answer was not good enough for the boy -- "but Mom", he insisted "we have to go now because our Christmas concert is tonight and we are going to be on the stage at the Big Juba."  We love this story! 


Our Fundraising Goal for 2014

With cuts to the Alberta Budget in 2013 to post secondary education, we lost our major rental client, Lakeland College. The result was a loss of $65,000 in revenue. Ouch! That really hurt. Fortunately, our request for additional funding in the amount of $32,500 from the City of Lloydminster was approved. However, our fundraising efforts in 2014 have now increased by the other $32,500 that still needs to be raised. Truthfully, that is a large task for us. Our total fundraising goal for 2014 is $87,500.  


Ways to Give

  • Monthly gifts
  • Annual giving
  • In memory and in honour
  • A gift in your will. Please ensure you use our legal name "Vic Juba Community Theatre Board".


Charitable Receipts

  • Charitable receipts are issued for donations by Lloydminster Regional Theatre Foundation.


How to Give

              Vic Juba Community Theatre

              2602 59 Avenue

              Lloydminster, AB/SK

              T9V 3N7

  • Email Gwen Mottram on our "Contact Us" page: here


Contact Us

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